Getting dumped or rejected is a bummer whether you’re a guy or a girl. But we don’t hear many stories about how the fellas take the bad news.

Lucky for us, these ladies shared their stories on AskReddit.

1. Good plan

“He told me he had considered trying to get me pregnant so I would have to marry him.”

2. That old excuse

“The old You’re-Actually-A-Dumb-B***h-Who-I-Didn’t-Like-Anyway after he wrote a letter expressing his feelings about me. I politely told him that he showed a lot of courage but that I just wanted to be friends. Worst part – he was my work study partner. I was 19 years old. Looking back I should have contacted my boss who would have done something about the work partnership.”

3. Stay out of it, mom

“I finally managed to dump my emotionally abusive ex for the last time, and a couple weeks later he found out I was staying at my moms. One night he hid in the bushes in her garden and waited for her to go to bed so he could knock on my window and give me a bag full of presents.

6 months later his mom rang me and asked when I was going to put him out of his misery and get back together with him because he was becoming unbearably depressed. It’s literally been 6 months of absolutely no contact, why the hell are you all still waiting!”

4. Stalker

“He stalked me for a year and a half after I danced with him for one song in a club. Police asked him to stop, but he didn’t stop until I moved to a different country.”

5. Rager

“When I was a nanny, I was walking around with the baby in the pram and we visited a bookshop. A man in there started talking to me, and then asked me out. Very kindly, keeping my father’s advice in mind about being kind when I have to reject men when they ask me out, I said that that was a nice offer, but my boyfriend might not to be too keen on it.

His response to that was to lean in and try and kiss me. I told him to get the f**k off me, he then exploded with rage and started screaming in my face. I was saved by the bookstore employee, the man stormed out of the shop, I spent the next few hours shaking like a leaf.

What a champion.”

6. You’re not listening!

“It amazes me that two times when I rejected people, they simply refused to listen to me and kept trying to change my mind.

The first guy kept following me everywhere even after I said I wasn’t interested. One time I was having breakfast at a cafe and he walked in and sat down opposite me. I was speechless and scared and too young to make a scene. The stalking only lasted a few weeks, but it got so bad I couldn’t relax in public, I’d look behind me every few steps because he made me so paranoid.

The second guy was in my friend group at college, which in a way made it worse than the first one. I must have turned this guy down at least ten times but his persistence was ridiculous. It was like trying to swat down an immortal fly that bounced back up every time you killed it. He’d make whiny passive-aggressive comments about why we should date and ask for hugs and pretend to be close to me in front of other people, and I didn’t want to disrupt our friend group so I avoided him as much as I could and changed friend groups.”

7. A sad story

“My sister was killed by her husband when she tried to leave him. He sat next to me in the ICU crying crocodile tears. The story he gave the police was that she shot herself. I have no faith in police. I know many are good people, but not there and not then.

Thankfully, he’s dead, too. The world is better off, I was scared it was only a matter of time until he killed someone else. I’ve got my own stories, but they pale in comparison.”

8. Not. Great.

“He sent me an email with a 3 page essay attached. It was written entirely in 3rd person recounting his first rejection by a girl named Tania at the age of 16. There were a lot of solitary beach walks, ‘she’s the perfect girl’ talk, him not talking no for answer and the story eventually ends with him drinking anti-freeze, slipping into a coma, hospitalized and eventually recuperating. Only to tell poor Tania that she could avoided his, and his parents pain by agreeing to date him. The email said “so you know what you are getting into.”

I was 19 and did not see this extreme level of crazy coming but knew I needed to really make how I felt clear. I immediately called him to reiterate that I do not want to be with him, I no longer want to be friends with him and if he contacted me again I would change my number. I let a friend of his know what was going on. 5 days later he called from a different number to tell me he was out in the country one with a gun to his head and if I didn’t agree to be with him then an there he was pulling the trigger. I lied and convinced him I had to leave because I had a family emergency (aunt sick in the hospital) but we would talk the next day. Had mutual friend call him and report back as is suspected he was full of crap. Sure enough I was right, he was totally fine.

He called the next day and with the most sing song creepy serial killer tone said “you think you’re so niiiiiice. What type of human being doesn’t agree to what someone needs when they tell you they’re going to kill themselves? You piece of trash.” I. Lost. The. Plot. Told him I’m changing my numbers, and the next time he contacts me it will be the police involved. He just laughed the whole time and told me he hopes I die alone, like I deserve.

Radio silence for 6 years until I’m getting married. I have an email from him “Hey! Wow it’s been a while! How are you? Would be so great to catch up sometime”

Psychotic. Obviously I never replied and changed my email, again!”

9. Whoa!

“I turned down a guy that was known for being the “popular guy” and i thought he was a bit of a idiot. When he tried to kiss me i turned my head the other way, said i wasn’t interested and walked off. He grabbed my hand, spat in my face and said I missed the best opportunity in my life and the only reason he tried to kiss me was because he pitied me.”

10. Blocked!

“I also once had a guy send me hundreds of text messages calling me all kinds of names, cursing me out and threatening me because I didn’t have sex with him after our entirely lackluster (first and last) date… I didn’t even bother reading beyond the first 50. Just let him go on and on until I blocked and mass-deleted. Still, it was nuts.”

11. Creeps

“I was 13 and I basically told this really old dude to screw off while he was stopped at a light shouting shit at me. Light went green. He speeds off, u-turns wildly, then comes speeding back and threatens to shoot me.

Then there was this other guy at a concert who didnt take no for answer. He pinned me against the wall and only scurried away because the police crashed the concert at nearly the same moment. The worst one about that was my friends just watching it happen, doing nothing.”

12. Breaking and entering

“He broke into my house and chased me into my bedroom, then spent ten minutes shouting through my locked bedroom door that I should come out and have a reasonable conversation with him, adult to adult.”

13. Sounds like a winner

“He called me “roofie bait” and then followed me around campus for a couple months.”

14. He was married

“This is a slightly different take but I turned a guy down for a date and he then posted a long snap story about how much he loves his WIFE that he had neglected to mention all that time.”

15. Ugh, another stalker

“We went on one date and I declined a second. A couple of days after that he called me and told me what I had been wearing that day. This went on for a couple of months. I’d literally never see him but at least a three times a week he’d know exactly what I wore.”