I’ve been spending some of my spare time lately browsing around real estate websites to see what’s out there and I gotta say, there are a lot of weird houses, apartments, and other dwellings out there for sale and for rent.

Hey, I never said I was looking in my price range, okay?

I’m just doing some exploring…

And one of the places I happened upon is the “Zillow Gone Wild” Instagram page.

Let’s check out some of their more unusual and interesting posts about real estate listings, shall we?

Be sure to click on arrows in the posts below so you can see more pics!

1. This is a real beauty.

Take a look inside!

2. This is a wild one.

And I love the pool…

3. Weird interior design.

But a great house, obviously.

4. Check out The Mushroom House!

Very cool!

5. Maybe fun for a visit?

But I don’t think I’d want to live in this place…

6. Up in the trees.

Feels like a fairy tale.

7. A lovely Colorado retreat.

Just don’t go mad out there…have you ever seen¬†The Shining?

8. Everything is expensive in San Francisco.

How do people afford to live out there?!?!

9. Livin’ large in Palm Springs.

I need to visit this place.

10. A unique place in Chicago.

I hope you like pink!

11. I’d like to know who lives in this place.

I think I’d freak out after five minutes.

12. And, finally, the Jesus Home.

Praise the Lord!

How about you?

What’s the weirdest house that you’ve actually seen in person?

Tell us about it in the comments and share some pics with us if you have them. Thanks!