I just gotta say it

I really love maps!

I’ve been a fan of them ever since I was a little kid and I’d spend hours studying my dad’s atlas at the kitchen table.

But the maps you’re about to see aren’t of the usual variety. They’re totally unique and they highlight interesting aspects of human life all over the globe.

Check them out below!

1. Who wants to see some mythical beasts!

But what if they’re real…?

2. This is totally insane to me.

I know Brazil has some gun issues, but this is wild.

3. Check out how huge the Caspian Sea is.

I had no idea!

4. I’d like to do this one day.

That would be an epic journey.

5. This one is really beautiful!

And informative, as well!

6. It could happen someday, you never know…

I’m sure certain people are already looking into this…

7. This is crazy.

Study it in-depth…

8. No Commies allowed.

They haven’t forgotten their history.

9. Pennsylvania is a little bit surprising.

As for the rest of these states…not so much…

10. North America and Australia need to get their s**t together.

Europe and Southeast Asia got it going on!

11. This is so cool! I love learning this kind of stuff.

Are you surprised by any of these?

12. As someone who has lived in both Kansas and Missouri, I can say that this is accurate.

Not big fans of each other…

Which map is your favorite?

Talk to us in the comments.

And share some more cool maps if you know about some!