You know we can’t get enough of those hilarious parenting tweets! We love hearing about the misadventures of all those parents out there struggling to get through the day.

Here are 12 tweets from parents that will make you LOL.

1. Go back to sleep!

2. A lot going on here.

3. That’s not what I meant.

4. Very good…

5. Here we are…

6. Here is your reading list.

7. That’s a bonus.

8. That’s not bad at all.

9. Hmmmm…

10. Same here.

11. Quit talkin’ trash.

12. Ugh! Didn’t need to hear that one.

Those sure tickled my funny bone!

What did y’all think about those tweets?

Share with us in the comments. And tell us some funny stories about your kids if you’re brave enough!