Do you smell that…?

I think love is in the air!

Or something like that…

Or maybe it’s just married folks arguing with each other…

Or maybe it’s a little bit of both!

Check out these tweets to see if any of these folks remind you of what’s going on in your married life.

1. That’s a new one.

My mind is blown.

2. Not gonna lie.

This is what marriage should be about.

3. Do your magic.

You’re doing it the right way!

4. Uh oh…

What happened now?

5. Does this look okay?

What grade do I get?

6. That’s hot.

Keeping it fresh!

7. That’s beautiful!

The spark is still there.

8. On the other hand…

That’s not nice.

9. Don’t pick up!

This is true love.

10. Do what you have to do.

Or else…

11. Don’t do it!

It’ll cause problems.

12. You’re too late…

And now you’re screwed.

How’s your marriage going?

Give us an update in the comments.

Thanks a lot!