If you happen to get a bad haircut, it will never be forgotten.

Your friends won’t forget and neither will your family members. That epic mistake will follow you around for the rest of your life like a scar on your forehead.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, tread very carefully the next time you’re trying to decide on a new haircut because it might impact your life in a very negative way.

Or you might end up like some of these folks…let’s take a look.

1. She finally came to her senses.

Yeah, that wasn’t a good look for her.

this picture made me scream what the fuck
by inJustfuckmyshitup

2. Taking after his father.

That is WILD.

Give me that future white collar criminal
byu/Catspiracy inJustfuckmyshitup

3. Well, at least it’s original.

But I’m not sure who would actually do this to themselves.

the straw is the icing on the cake
byu/Leo_Remos inJustfuckmyshitup

4. Your wish has been granted.

But it’s totally worth it.

I want to die a virgin. Say no more
by inJustfuckmyshitup

5. This is absolutely horrific.

Looks like a mental patient got ahold of some clippers.

What happens when you actually speak to the manager
byu/thatmichaelguy inJustfuckmyshitup

6. This kid is living in Hell.

I bet he really doesn’t like his Mom right now.

I hate seeing kids getting forced into having their hair cut. He clearly doesnt like this
byu/fafnirchandesu inJustfuckmyshitup

7. I think I’m gonna be sick.

It just looks so…slimy…

Gimme that straw basket look
byu/dre10g inJustfuckmyshitup

8. Might’ve overdone it just a bit.

It’ll grow back…at some point.

When you ask for a line but the barber gives you an entire highway
byu/instilledbee inJustfuckmyshitup

9. Someone made a terrible mistake.

You might want to wear a hat for a few months.

This is a sponsored ad, wow what a fringe
byu/Nightmancometh000 inJustfuckmyshitup

10. Not flattering at all.

What were you thinking, dude?

The helmet
byu/WeTheBills inJustfuckmyshitup

11. Well, at least you stood out.

But maybe not in a good way…

Back to 1979 and 1980
byu/projectsandman inJustfuckmyshitup

12. I actually LOVE this guy.

You don’t see genuine mullets too much anymore.

Found this
byu/prodbydclxvi inJustfuckmyshitup

Yikes…not good, people…

Now we want to hear from you.

Have you ever had a really terrible haircut?

If so, please share some pics with us in the comments and tell us all about it!