I think that married folks are experiencing one of two situations right now during this crazy pandemic and lockdown: they’re either falling back in love with their spouses, or they have been secretly researching the best divorce lawyers in their area…

Hey, it’s a tough time!

But let’s hope that we can all keep our heads together for a little while longer until the world gets back to normal again, okay?

And, in the meantime, have a few laughs at these hilarious tweets about living that married life.

1. That sounds SO romantic.

Is this all you dreamed it would be?

2. Things are about to get very ugly.

Why are men so obsessed with the trash and recycling?

3. You have found Mr. Right.

Guys like this don’t grow on trees.

4. Yeah, that seems about right.

That doesn’t seem like THE WORST idea in the world…

5. Can we please find a middle ground here?

This is quickly spinning out of control.

6. Sounds like he’s having a really great time.

Whether he likes it or not…

7. Hey o! Here’s a zinger!

Taking it all in from up high.

8. That’ll show her who’s the boss.

Never mess with the dishwasher unless you want things to get really ugly.

9. Was it the mustard again?

I hate it when that happens!

10. He totally gets it now.

I hate to break it to you, but…

11. One more sound and we’re done here.

And I mean done FOREVER.

12. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

Now you went and made it even worse. Good job.

Marital bliss strikes again!

How about you? Are you and your partner getting along during the pandemic or are you driving each other crazy?

Talk to us in the comments and give us a life update.