Full disclosure: I am not a woman. BUT, I have two sisters, a mother, and I have a lot of women friends, so I’m here to say I can appreciate your struggles and your sense of humor.

But, at the end of the day, these tweets are for you, the females out there.

Enjoy these astute observations from the ladies of Twitter.

1. Why is it always this way?

2. Thanks a lot.

3. A total fantasy.

4. Like an animal.

5. Bull in a china shop.

6. He totally gets it.

7. The worst place to be in.

8. Maybe you should listen?

9. Squinting hard.

10. Kind of pointless.

11. Imagine that.

12. What a drag.


All the ladies out there, what do you think?

Are these tweets pretty accurate? Let us know in the comments!