For some reason, when I’m around cats and dogs, I have a compulsion to put sunglasses on them.

Some are too tired or annoyed to remove them and they just sit there peacefully, allowing me to take some great photos.

Other pets are way too antsy and definitely don’t enjoy that gesture, so they wildly shake the glasses off of their heads and chase me out of the room.

Hey, you can’t win ’em all, right?

But these cats definitely belong to the first category. They’re fully embracing being fashion plates and we’re all better for it. Let’s take a look at these pics of cats wearing glasses…you know you want to.

1. That is one cool cat.

See what I did there?

2. I want this cat!

I need this cat in my life!

3. Calm and collected.

Not to mention, very cool.

4. Soaking up the rays.

This looks like a good way to spend the day.

5. A real bookworm on our hands.

Or a book-cat? Is that a thing?

6. Keeping an eye on you.

Saving lives and looking cool.

7. This cat is gonna go big time!

All the way to Hollywood!

8. Killin’ it in purple.

This cat is SHARP.

9. Time to hit the beach.

Be sure to cover up those peepers.

10. Chillin’ on a Sunday.

The definition of cool.

11. Nerd alert!

Just kidding, you look cool.

Do your kitties love to wear glasses?

Or maybe other accessories?

If so, share some photos of your furry friends with us in the comments.