It is what it is…

Do you know what I’m talking about…?

I’m trying to say that people are pretty dumb!

No, we don’t mean all people, but the more time we spend on social media…well, you see where I’m going with this, right?

And these stupid people got put in their place, no doubt about it.

They had it coming!

Take a look for yourself…

1. Hahaha, Michael McKean for the win!

This is hilarious.

2. This is a long one, but check it out.

People never cease to amaze me…in a bad way…

3. I think this guy probably knows the Bible pretty well.

Just a hunch I have…

4. I wonder what she does for a living…

Maybe lives off of a trust fund?

5. This guy sounds like a real gem.

I have a feeling he might be single…and not able to mingle.

6. Nice try, buddy.

Better luck next time!

7. This lady is the life of the party.

Go on with your bad self!

8. Look at who feels pretty stupid right about now.

Are they smart enough to know they just got burned?

9. I’m so sick of people making these kinds of statements.

Moron. Get a life. And read a history book.

10. This argument isn’t going anywhere.

Thanks for playing, though.

11. Give God back his rainbow!

The poor fella has been looking for it all over the place.

12. Oh, boy, here we go…

This is a pretty hot take by this guy.

Have you seen any really ridiculous stuff on social media lately?

Share some pics with us in the comments.

Let’s put these dummies on blast!