Are you ready for some wholesome content?

You never know what the animal kingdom is going to throw your way when it comes to friendship.

And I love to see different species getting together to have a good old time with each other!

It really melts your heart, ya know?

Take a look at these unusual animal friendships and try not to smile.

We dare you!

1. Who wants a kiss?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

2. Ten years in the making.

The unlikeliest of friendships!

3. Look very closely at this photo…

The dog can hardly believe what he’s looking at!

4. Get on up there and see your friend.

These two are gonna be BFF.

5. You don’t see too many dogs that are friends with birds…

I guess there’s a first time for everything.

6. This is a cuddle puddle that I can get behind.

I think they’re pretty comfortable with each other…

7. She’s there to cheer him up.

Well, isn’t this adorable…?

8. Down and out for a snooze.

Who’s ready for a nap?

9. Is that a dog or a horse?

I still can’t tell…

10. Two peas in a pod.

Very cute, if I do say so myself.

11. They’re about to take over the world.

Stay out of their way if you know what’s good for you!

12. Check out these new best friends.

I can’t get enough of these two!

Now we want to meet your furry friends.

Share some pics of your pets with us in the comments.

We can’t wait!