What time is it?

Well, it’s chucklin’ time, my friends!

And I’m here to make sure you are supplied with some of the funniest tweets on the planet so that you’ll chuckle until the cows come home.

Go ahead and get started!

1. Blew it!

You’ll get ’em next time.

2. Poor things.

They just can’t catch a break.

3. Got you that time.

Nice work!

4. Didn’t see that coming.

But I think you look great.

5. Get outta there!

Sounds like a nightmare.

6. Stop that!

We’ve had enough.

7. Keep looking…

But don’t take too much time.

8. When you’re here…

You’re family!

9. Not gonna happen!

Hey, take it easy…

10. I think it’s you.

Is that good enough?

11. Left out again.

Sorry to hear that…

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