Here we go again with tweets about parents getting FUNNY about raising their kiddos.

Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Check out these tweets and try to hold back your laughter!

1. You have to pick.

Which one is more important to you?

2. Who does she think she is?

A real smarty-pants.

3. How beautiful…

Now you can correct both of them!

4. Now you know!

Will the questions ever end…?

5. Makes sense.

Hey, we get it!

6. That’s the only way.

You better do it, too…

7. No in between.

That’s confusing…

8. That works.

Smart kid.

9. Sorry about that…

But it’s nice to meet you!

10. That would mix things up.

Get out of my way!

11. I really didn’t…

So stop saying that!

How are your kiddos doing lately?

Tell us some wacky stories in the comments.

Thanks a lot!