Uh oh…

The voice-to-text feature strikes again!

And again…and again…

But at least we get a lot of laughs out of those mistakes that seem to keep happening with those things, right?

And I’d like to ask you a question…do you actually use that feature?

I don’t…because I’m scared of what will happen…and I don’t want to end up like any of these folks.

Here are some funny posts about fails from voice-to-text…let’s take a look.

1. Hahaha. This one is really good.

You gotta love it!

2. I hope your mother is okay…

You might want to drive by and check on her.

3. What the f**k is wrong?!?!

Dad, just take it easy.

4. I wonder what happened here.

Doesn’t sound good…

5. My God, forgive me.

I hope you gave them a good tip.

6. There’s no way to stop this thing!


7. Don’t think about coming into my lane.

Some major road rage going on here.

8. Don’t accept that coffee date…

You don’t know what’s gonna happen…

9. The roads are very muddy…

So you better beware…

10. This really went off the rails.

Pap, slow down!

11. Sorry about that…

Grandma has a filthy mouth.

Have you had any voice-to-text mishaps while using your phone?

If so, share your stories with us in the comments.

And share some screenshots with us, too!

We’d love to hear from you, friends!