When you were growing up, what were you afraid of?

UFOs? Monsters? The creepy black van that used to cruise around your neighborhood at night?

That last one was what I was scared of growing up…and I never figured out who was behind the wheel…

Anyway, enjoy these funny tweets from people who admitted what they were afraid of when they were kids.

1. Sharks in pools!

Don’t get in the water!

2. Didn’t happen.

Who knew?

3. You might explode.

That was close!

4. Here we go again…

It never ends.

5. That’s pretty scary!

Hang on tight!

6. Haven’t seen one yet.

There’s still time…

7. I saw Poltergeist too many times.

That clown!

8. Creepy stuff!

Stranger danger!

9. Me, too!

Didn’t work out that way…

10. Watch out for quicksand!

This was a classic.

11. I did not…

Very interesting, though…

What were your funny childhood fears?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!