I bet it’s a really tough time to be a mom or a dad.

Kids are in and out of school, they’re stuck inside, etc.

And you probably already know that raising kids even in normal times is tough, so just imagine what’s going on right now…

So, despite the world being a dumpster fire, we’re gonna enjoy some funny parenting tweets!

1. A classic!

It never gets old!

2. Here we go again…

That wasn’t one of the options!

3. You’re really getting your steps in!

And it’s free!

4. A real shame…

Time to set this kid straight.

5. Great job, Mom!

Everybody wins!

6. I knew that was coming.

That figures…

7. What a shame.

That kid has no idea…

8. Blew their mind!

Kids are weird…

9. You’ll be taking the bus.

Sorry, I’m busy…

10. He’s at it again!

This always happens, doesn’t it?

11. You might be on to something.

Give it a shot!

Have your kids been driving you up to the wall lately?

Or have they been perfect angels?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know! Thanks!