I got a question for you…

Are you ready to hoot and holler?

I knew I could count on you!

You always come through in the clutch

And that’s why we’re friends!

But let’s cut the chit-chat and get to some funny tweets, okay?

Check them out!

1. Very true.

Nailed it.

2. We need this.

A great question for our times…

3. Try it!

It works.

4. A lot going on here.

Seems pretty stable.

5. She’s pretty p**sed.

Standing up for you.

6. We all feel this way right now.

Give us all a break!

7. This is a great point.

Two kings, right here.

8. Hahaha. Wow.

This is perfect.

9. Rough stuff.

You better slow down!

10. Gotta love MC Hammer!

And he knows a thing or two about pants.

11. You can’t trust him!

Something fishy going on here…

Have you seen any funny tweets lately that really made you laugh?

Share some good ones with us in the comments!

Thanks a lot!