Let me ask you a question…what did we do before an app on our phones let us know which of our neighbors were crazy people.

It seems like only yesterday we had to actually talk to the people in our neighborhoods to find out who we should avoid when we were out and about.

But the Nextdoor app makes life so much easier!

Enjoy these funny and crazy posts that people felt compelled to share with the world!

1. Is there a cult active around here?

Sure seems like it…

2. Get control of your cat!

Or else…

3. Please stop this…

Enough with the soup!

4. Maniac on the loose.

Watch out!

5. I’d like to issue an apology.

Well, that was nice!

6. For real!

This goes for just about everyone.

7. I’ll take one!

Actually, gimme two!

8. Your house is gonna get egged.

And TP’d to the max.

9. This was confusing.

Are you following?

10. Need some help over here!

This is pretty wholesome.

11. Did you feel that?

This went off the rails.

Now it’s your turn!

Share some more funny Nextdoor posts with us in the comments.

We look forward to it!