Getting back home from vacation and going back to the grind of day-to-day work is really the pits.

You’re coming off of a huge high from having fun every day and the transition back to your mind-numbing job is rough…

And that brings us to today’s funny tweets!


1. Sometimes it takes a while.

What kind of unpacker are you?

2. That’s the worst.

You can get overwhelmed pretty easily…

3. Don’t panic.

You’re gonna be fine…

4. Oh, you’ll pay for it…

In one way or another.

5. Never come back!

This is great advice.

6. No kidding.

Might be a while…

7. That is EPIC.

No place like home.

8. Not again!

It’s never an easy transition.

9. It’s the worst.

Totally brutal!

10. Brenda…no.

Get out of my face!

11. Good to be home!

It’s just a little bit different.

Do you have any vacation plans this year?

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