Are you married?


Oh good, then you’ll get a big kick out of these tweets about married life!

Go ahead and get started now!

1. She didn’t get the joke.

Oh, come on!

2. Ouch. Sick burn!

But a good one…

3. It’s never happened before.

This is a monumental achievement!

4. Doesn’t work that way.

And don’t bring it up again.

5. You’re sending mixed signals.

Do you want me to crash the car?

6. An old classic.

That’ll show ’em!

7. I can’t do this!

You’re doing the right thing.

8. They’re not going anywhere.

Not now. Not EVER.

9. Where could it be?

A real mystery you have on your hands.

10. This is what they do.

How long is this visit, again?

11. I see…

Well, whatever works.

How’s your marriage going lately?

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