I think one of the best Instagram pages out there these days is “80s News Screens.”

Even if you’re not old enough to remember, you’ll still think these screenshots from news broadcasts from the 1980s are a real hoot.

Check them out below!

And be sure to use the arrows on the posts so you don’t miss anything!

1. Who doesn’t love fish?

We all love it!

2. Precursor to DoorDash?

This guy was a trendsetter.

3. What’s up with the cookies?

Maybe they had razorblades in them or something…

4. Looks straight out of Wall Street.

Gordon Gecko, anyone?

5. Dealing with the winter blues as we speak.

When will spring be here?

6. He looks like a heavy equipment operator.

No doubt!

7. That’s nice.

We all need friends!

8. It’s time for the church women to unite!

It’s about time…

9. Who’s ready for some fun?

Every day can be Saturday!

10. He looks intense.

And very ’80s…

11. Who needs a makeover?

Lord knows I do…

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