The hilarity train is about to depart the station and this is your final call to join us…

Oh great, you’re here!

I’m glad to see that you’ll be joining us on this funny journey today!

Enjoy these funny tweets on us!

1. Don’t hurt yourself!

Be careful out there…

2. Future looks bleak.

Will it be like Mad Max?

3. Drive into that lake.

Thank you!

4. Thanks, Maury.

You can’t escape that guy.

5. Pretty much.

Has it happened to you yet?

6. It does for some people.

Whatever works…

7. Making it work!

This is true love.

8. Gotta try to fit it all in.

Good luck to you!

9. This is prison.

How do you like it?

10. Just take it easy.

You’re not going anywhere…

11. You do you.

No shame in that!

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