If you’re looking to bring a little happiness into your life, you’re in the right place!

And we think your mood is gonna be brightened in an instant after you look at these tweets.

Go ahead and take a look!

1. They’re all evil.

Aren’t they?

2. Pretty much.

Makes sense to me.

3. Pretty fancy.

And a little bit strange.

4. It’s gonna be epic!

Meet me there?

5. It was bound to happen.

What a turn of events.

6. Is that Orson Welles?

I think it might be…

7. Think about it!

You forget about Lordle, didn’t you?

8. You’ve been warned.

This person isn’t messing around.

9. Wait a second…

Threw me for a loop.

10. The guy is everywhere!

Who’s next?!?!

11. Is this what you wanted?

Well, you asked for it!

Have you seen any funny tweets lately that made your day?

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Thanks a million!