When’s the last time you got a really great gift?

I’m talking about a gift that really knocked your socks off?

Well, if you can’t remember, maybe it’s time you GAVE a great gift so you’ll RECEIVE a great gift sooner than later.

Does that sound like a deal?

Let’s get some ideas!

1. Now this is pretty awesome.

What a guy, right?

2. The language of love.

Has your man done this for you…?

3. I hope you’re the reading type!

Judging by this pic, I bet you are…

My boyfriend told me I had to come home late last night. Surprised me with this. from pics

4. I bet she loved it!

We have an artist on our hands!

Something I made for my girlfriend. Been practicing a lot since September and here’s the result: from somethingimade

5. I love this!

And I bet she does, too.

“Safety glasses” that I made for my wife’s Optometry office. from DesignPorn

6. Some love is eternal.

We should try to be like these two.

We were in a long line at the grocery. This man said he had to go use the restroom, but instead he secretly bought flowers for his wife and hid them behind his back. from aww

7. She definitely said YES to this.

Do you think I’m right?

my gf loves fairytales so, to propose, I built her a fairytale storybook with Secret puzzles inside from DIY

8. A new puppy!

Are you gonna cry?

9. You got a keeper here.

He was listening!

This lady getting a PhD graduation postponed but also getting a graduation gift from her husband from MadeMeSmile

10. This is awesome.

I bet they have a blast in there.

My husband built this inside playhouse for our foster children. It has a kitchen and real working windows and lights! from pics

11. You did a great job!

You have a future in quilting.

I made this tree skirt by quilting my daughters old baby clothes for my wife this Christmas. I’m a novice sewer and this was my first go at quilting. I’m kinda proud, to be truthful. from somethingimade

What’s the best gift you’ve received lately?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

And share some pics if you got ’em!