We can all agree that we’re pretty busy these days, right?

You know that’s the truth!

So why would you waste your time with stuff that gonna take forever and ever to make you laugh.?

No way: we do the exact opposite of that here.

And these tweets are gonna make you laugh in NO TIME.

Check them out!

1. I’m with you!

When will it end…?

2. I don’t even know what Andre is.

Can you tell me?

3. Too old to drink.

This one hurts.

4. Pretty much.

I lost mine in the late ’90s…

5. This is horrifying.

No thank you!

6. That’s right!

That’s all you need, really.

7. They’re good!

Gotta give them that…

8. In a vicious cycle.

Can you break it?

9. This is true.

They think people in their 30s are ancient.

10. This is a metaphor for our world right now.

Try to stay afloat!

We wanna keep on laughing!

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Thanks a lot!