I bet you love dogs and cats, don’t you?

Of course, you do!

Or else you wouldn’t be here!

So let’s get down to business and enjoy some funny tweets about those little critters!

1. Pretty much.

The way it goes.

2. I’m gonna say YES.

What do you think?

3. But not you.

I think he probably gets it.

4. Struck by lightning?

What happened here?

5. Cover your eyes!

This is inappropriate.

6. Not gonna happen.

But keep trying.

7. Workin’ 9 to 5.

I love it!

8. Where’d he come from?

From the ceiling?

9. Don’t blow it.

This sounds like fun to me.

10. Do what you gotta do.

Please pay attention to me!

How are your pets doing these days?

Give us an update in the comments.

And share some pics with us!