The teenage years are difficult for everybody.

And sometimes teen boys and girls act like total s**theads and they need their parents to bring them down to Earth.

So enjoy these tweets from parents who showed no mercy when they roasted their teenagers!

1. You’ll have to fumigate the house.

Get out while you can!

2. This one cuts deep.

Having a bad day?

3. Don’t mess with Mom.

Or else!

4. Laying it all out for you.

This is TRUTH.

5. I don’t think they’ll like this.

But go ahead and give it a shot.

6. Here come the waterworks.

Is this worth crying over?

7. You win!

This round…

8. Thug life!

Don’t forget to tell your mommy.

9. Oh, get over it!

Total drama queens.

10. Box of wine, maybe?

That’s what I would try.

Now we want to hear from you.

Tell us about some funny roasts you’ve zinged your kids with lately.

Thanks in advance!