Let me ask you a question in all seriousness…are you ready to holler?

I sure hope so, because these tweets really bring the heat in a major way!

Take a gander and get ready to laugh your a** off!

1. Those days were rough.

Glad that’s over!

2. What a relief!

I’m with you.

3. I’m good to go!

Party animal.

4. That is amazing.

Kids today!

5. Escalating quickly.

No, Santa!

6. This is infuriating.

Drives me crazy!

7. Didn’t turn out well.

Christmas was ruined that year.

8. Get it over with!

I can’t handle this!

9. What are you doing?

We worked so hard for you!

10. Good point.

No, a GREAT point.

Now it’s your turn!

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