Do all memes have to be in digital form…?

Not anymore!

That’s why we think you’re going to love these funny, fake flyers from an Instagram page called “Physical Memes”.

I wish I’d run into some of these on my daily walk! Take a look!

1. A real lifesaver.

This is a good public service.

2. Ravioli, anyone?

Good luck with that!

3. Way too much information.

But we’re glad you’re doing well!

4. Doesn’t everyone have that dream?

Oh…never mind…

5. This is wild.

He seems like a loose cannon.

6. I need to talk to Ed Harris!

I don’t think this is gonna happen.

7. A real bummer.

Darn tree!

8. This isn’t creepy at all.

Not sure what to make of this.

9. Well, this is pretty creepy.

You want to go to a party?

10. This is totally disgusting.

But pretty clever…

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