There are a lot of “hacks” out there that claim to save you time and money, but how many of them actually work? There’s no telling, but I’m happy to report that these 10 tips definitely have some potential – and they’ve been tried and endorsed by the people who shared them!

#10. Ditch your iron, but still have smooth clothes.

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Just pop a couple of ice cubes in the dryer with your clothes, and voila! Lazy and chic.

#9. Save toilet paper.

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If you’ve got a small child, you’ve got a problem with wasted toilet paper. But if you simply bend the roll into an oval shape, it will squish up against the wall and your tyke won’t be able to pull the entire roll loose in one go.

Seriously! So simple.

#8. Inventory your freezer.

Photo Credit: chiotsrun

You can write right on the outside with a dry erase marker, then erase when you take something out. What a genius way to stop yourself from buying stuff you have or digging through looking for that package of steaks you’re “sure” are still in there!

#7. Foil those annoyingly sticky stickers once and for all.

In the day and age of the easy peel-off price tags, I’ll never know why some companies still want to drive us mad with the old kind that refuse to come all the way off and leave a sticky residue behind when they do. But now, you’ve got an easy fix – a paper towel and some hand sanitizer.

Done and done.

#6. Implement the “1-minute rule.”

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

If something is going to take you less than a minute, do it now. This will help keep your house tidy and keep your to-do list from piling up!

#5. An easy fix for a stinky house.

Teenagers, dogs, someone cooked eggs that morning…there are a hundred reasons your house might get a bit of a funk to it. Alternatively, if your house is on the market, they say to have it smelling homey and like baked goods to draw in buyers.

The solution? A drop of vanilla extract rubbed on your light bulbs. Mmmmmm.

#4. Bra. Hooks.

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These will change your life – bras don’t fit in drawers and they don’t belong in drawers. Hang some cheap, simple hooks on the back side of your closet doors instead and watch your life transform for $5.

#3. Organize your cleaning supplies.

Photo Credit: Fashionable Home

This see-through plastic shoe organizer makes your things easy to see and grab – way better than a dark cabinet you have to bend down to get to, if you ask me.

#2. Freshen your drawers.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

You know how candles burn low and it’s hard to get them to light and stay lit, but they still smell good? Yes? Take those beloved scents and stick them in the backs of your drawers and into your linen closets to keep those spaces smelling great.

#1. Those pesky, tiny ants.

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Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in crevices and along windows, etc, where ants and spiders tend to worm their way inside – you’ll thank m, because those little ants are just the worst to get rid of!