The metal or punk vest is a rite of passage if you grew up listening to those kinds of music. So why not pass it along to our kitty cats, right?

Cats can be punk AF or metal as hell, trust me. These ferocious felines are not fooling around.

Take a look.

1. Eyes are piercing your soul.

2. Not messing around, here.

3. Motorhead for the win!

4. Cat Flag, get it?

5. The little white one is a bit confused.

6. That’s right.

7. Skulls for days.

8. Wow, a Cannibal Corpse vest.

9. Heading out to a show later.

10. Sweet lovely death, I am waitin’ for your breath…

I don’t know why I find that so satisfying, but dammit, I do!

If you dress your cat up like this, please, please, please share some pics in the comments.