Weird Things Everyone Does but Nobody Admits To


What do you do when you’re all alone and no one is around to watch and judge?

I know there are a few on this list from AskReddit users that hit pretty close to home – especially #3.

1. Lonely

Fantasized about the life that you’d have together. Cooking dinner together. Going shopping for clothes together. Waking up before them and what you’d have to do to be quiet so you don’t wake them. Sitting on the couch both reading and being ok with the silent company.

Or maybe that’s just a lonely person thing, I don’t know.

2. Whoops!

Waited in the bathroom stall for whoever else was in there to leave first before coming out because they heard you destroy it. Hoping they didn’t recognize your shoes.

3. Ha! Yes!

Think that someone’s baby looks ugly.

4. All the time…

Had long imaginary conversations with someone in their head.

Sometimes mine involve facial expressions and hand gestures, which gets awkward when I don’t realize someone is watching me.

5. Bad at math

During maths exams in the past I’ve used my calculator for even the simplest sums…just to make sure. 9×10 is 90 right? Yep. Just making sure.

6. Okay…

Thought about just jerking the steering wheel into oncoming traffic.

And then worried about what if your body did it all by itself, against your conscious will.

7. This one drives me nuts

Get incredibly defensive for no reason when someone asks you if you were sleeping and you were woken up.

8. Á la Jerry Seinfeld

Picking your nose. Especially in the car.

9. Can’t see the future

Counted down to a traffic light changing and gotten disappointed when you weren’t psychic.

“3… 2… 1… Now. Dammit. 3…2…1…NOW! Dammit.”


Stalk your crush’s/ex’s social media accounts. Yes, people acknowledge that this is a thing. But nobody actually admits that they themselves do it.

11. I like the sound of this one

Thought seriously about about leaving everyone and everything behind to start over elsewhere.

12. Fair enough

Peeing in the shower and the swimming pool.

13. OCD

Typing out a comment only to erase it because you feel like nothing you say is important or you chicken out. Also reading it over like 5 times to make sure that your spelling is perfect.