These Geniuses Discover Ripped Jeans Do Not Protect You From The Sun

Photo Credit: Aryanna Fielding


If I’ve learned anything from fables and mythology, it’s this: all good things come with a price. It was true for King Midas when he wished for the golden touch, and it’s true for people who love wearing ripped up jeans. And while the price for wearing ripped jeans isn’t as steep as it was for ol’ Midas, it’s still no fun. That price? A weirdly shaped sunburn.

Ripped jean aficionados are learning this lesson like they do every year around this time, and they’ve been sharing photos of their strange sunburns on social media. If you’re thinking about wearing your favorite pair of shredded dungarees around town, hopefully these poor fools will serve as a cautionary tale. Sunscreen is your friend, friends.

But if you’re planning on buying pre-ripped jeans, well, there’s no helping you.

1. Feelin’ The Burn

Photo Credit: @taylerrcoxx

2. Earning Her Stripes

Photo Credit: @megancooper_x_

3. Big Red

Photo Credit: @jesskhan8

4. On Fire

Photo Credit: @alyshalmao

5.  Seeing Red

Photo Credit: @littlemissmoto_

6. Kneed Off

Photo Credit: @MckennaLeavens

7. Tiger, Tiger

Photo Credit: @bcampbell_10

8. Aloe-ver it

Photo Credit: @sydneyausie

9. SPF 0

Photo Credit: @AryannaFielding

10. Crimson Tide

Photo Credit: @ultjimint