People Share Widely Held Misconceptions About Their Jobs

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Every job has its misconceptions. People think being a lawyer is all about making dramatic, impassioned speeches to juries, when really it’s mostly paperwork. People think being a police officer is chasing bad guys and tracking serial killers, when really it’s mostly paperwork. People think being a comedy writer is wall-to-wall laugher, when really it’s mostly shower sobbing. And paperwork.

Recently, graphic designer Louie Mantia took to Twitter to ask people to share the public’s biggest misconceptions about their jobs. Many, MANY people weighed in, from an archaeologist to a transportation engineer. And it turns out everything we think we know about most professions is totally wrong.

Read on, and the next time you meet a speech pathologist or a local news reporter, you’ll know exactly what not to say.

1. Actor/famous person

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2. High school teacher

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3. Any creative professional

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4. Transportation engineer

Photo credit: @wjfarr

5. French-English translator

Photo Credit: @andrewlevine

6. Nurse

Photo Credit: @mickeyfoon

7. Speech pathologist

Photo Credit: @pamelaaugust

8. Massage therapist

Photo Credit: @That_german_gir

9. Archaeologist

Photo Credit: @mrundkvist

10. Radiographer

Photo Credit: @MartiBray1

11. Local news reporter

Photo Credit: @DPMCanty

12. Teacher

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13. Neuroscientist

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14. Marriage, family, and sex therapist

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15. Librarian

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h/t: Buzzfeed