Mom Takes Boudoir Photos For Dad’s Christmas Gift, With Help From Her Daughter

Photo Credit: Roaming Magnolias Photography


Most of us probably would prefer never to think about our parents’ sex lives. As far as we’re concerned, Mom and Dad have only had sex once. (Or however many times, based on your number of siblings.)

But Samantha Bishop is a lot more open-minded than the rest of us. When her mother asked for help photographing a sexy boudoir-style photo series for her father’s Christmas gift, Samantha didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Photo Credit: Samantha Bishop

Samantha is a professional photographer who owns Roaming Magnolias Photography in West Georgia, so she was a natural choice for the shoot. “The idea was actually a joke made by my mom when I told her she should do a boudoir shoot, and I just ran with it,” Samantha told Bored Panda.

Samantha’s mother, meanwhile, is a crochet enthusiast, so her request came with a condition: that it would include yarn. Samantha filled several bags with yarn, all from her mother’s stash, and the two headed to a friend’s house for the shoot. The result was a series of photos Samantha named “Grandma Gone Wild.”

Check ’em out below.

“Oh, hello there.”



Yarn bomb

Mirror, mirror

Choice reading material

Who needs bubbles?

The ultimate relaxation

Kicking back

Who needs bon bons when you have Werther’s Originals?


And when it came time to give the photos to Dad, Samantha was on hand to capture his reaction. Let’s just say it was a hit.

The sweet and funny photos went viral for obvious reasons, and people around the world fell in love with Samantha’s parents.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

In this instance, “hooker” means “someone who loves to crochet.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Kudos to Samantha’s Mom for the creative gift, and kudos to Samantha for being the best daughter ever. She’s an inspiration to us all.



h/t: Bored Panda