Dad Catalogs Hotel Carpets Because That’s So Dad Of Him


One of the most wonderful things about the Internet is that no matter how long you’ve been using it, it still has the ability to surprise you. Before you clicked on this, would you have ever thought a dad who takes pictures of hotel carpets could become a viral sensation? That’s the Internet for you.

Bill Young is a corporate pilot based in Texas, and his job necessitates he stay in a lot of hotels. Back in 2015, during a routine layover, Bill noticed how odd the carpet design was. So he took a photo and uploaded it to his personal Instagram. Soon he began noticing other odd hotel carpet designs, and My Hotel Carpet was born.

“Some of them have like, almost weird Illuminati symbols on them…or big badges or crazy gargoyles on them, or something like that,” Bill told Buzzfeed. “I definitely prefer this over just a plain one.”

Bill plugged away for the next two years with under 100 followers, until his daughter Jill gave him a shout-out on her Twitter.

And against all odds, it blew up. My Hotel Carpet now has over 600,000 followers who can’t get enough strange carpet designs. Below, you’ll find 15 of the weirdest carpets Bill has come across. Thank you, Internet!



Another #Hotelcarpet from the #residenceinn by #Marriott in #austin

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Another #cosmopolitan #vegas #carpet. #travel

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#cosmopolitanlasvegas scary eye. #carpet #travel #itslookingatme

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Saw this #Mayan inspired #hotelcarpet at the wonderful @theadolphushotel in #dallas

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