13 Children Reveal Hysterical Details About Their Parents to Teachers

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Kids really do say the darndest things.

And it’s rarely more mortifying than when they say them to their teachers at school.

Here are 16 examples from AskReddit that prove the point:

#1. “Is it normal?”

I had a kid ask me if it was normal for adults to wrestle every night before going to bed.

#2. “But mommy…”

In 4th grade my mom and teacher were talking about an upcoming class trip, one of those that lasts like 3 days. She was asking what she needed to pack for me, and he says, ‘The usual stuff bla bla…’

And then my mother decides to try to be funny and say, ‘And lots of underwear, you know how moms love to pack underwear.’

To which I responded, ‘But mommy you don’t wear any underwear!’

My mom practically ran out of there!

#3. “What’s your dad do?”

My cousin said, ‘Daddy is unemployed and drinks beer.’

#4. Everyday activites

My friend was teaching an improv class to first graders at camp and asked them to name some ‘everyday activities.’

First two examples: ‘Getting divorced!’ and ‘Resuscitating someone after drowning!’

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

#5. Cool bracelet

I was a teacher’s helper, and one day, a kid came to class wearing a stretchy cock-ring on his wrist.

I bet his mom was mortified when he came home.

#6. Daddy’s new girlfriend

From my wife’s Pre-K class:

‘That’s daddy’s new girlfriend. Mommy says she’s a slug.’

#7. “Why can’t I watch?”

I’m not a teacher, but my Uncle made short videos about sexual harassment for his work.

Being that it’s about sexual harassment my cousin who was 6 at the time was not allowed to watch, and my Uncle told him that they were movies for grown ups.

So when my cousin was in 1st grade his teacher asked him what his father did for a living and he replied, ‘My dad makes adult movies.’