The Strangest Names of Towns in the U.S.


11. Hawaii

Cod Fish Village, Haiku, Volcano

12. Idaho

Atomic City, Beer Bottle Crossing, Best Corner, Bone, Cabinet, Chilly, Coolin, Cream Can Junction, Crouch, Dickshooter, Dingle, Good Grief, Hand Place, Headquarters, Player Place, Santa, Slickpoo, Sublett

13. Illinois

Allright, Assumption, Beardstown, Big Foot Prairie, Bone Gap, Boody, Boos, Clank, Disco, Embarrass, Fancy Prairie, Future City, Goofy Ridge, Gross, Hometown, Ivanhoe, Lick Creek, Lost Nation, Moonshine, Muddy, Normal, Oblong, Passport, Polo, Ransom, Red Bud, Roaches, Roodhouse, Sandwich

14. Indiana

Bean Blossom, French Lick, Friendswood, Gnaw Bone, Rocky Ripple, Solitude, Speedway, Toad Hop

15. Iowa

Balltown, Beaverdale, Confidence, Cool, Correctionville, Diagonal, Fertile, Hard Scratch, Manly, Toddville, What Cheer

16. Kansas

Dry Wood, Good Intent, Neutral, Protection, Ransomville, Red Onion, Skiddy

17. Kentucky

Bald Knob, Beaver Dam, Bigtussle, Broad Bottom, Co-Operative, Eminence, Fancy Farm, Fearsville, Girdler, Hippo, Horse Cave, Knob Lick, Krypton, Mud Lick, Monkeys Eyebrow, Nobob, Oil Springs, Paint Creek, Paint Lick, Pig, Possum Trot, Rabbit Hash

18. Louisiana

Cut Off, Dry Prong, Grosse Tete, Keithville, Iota, Lucky, Pollock, Quitman, Waterproof

19. Maine

Bald Head, Friendship, Industry

20. Maryland

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Accident, American Corner, Big Pool, Blue Ball Village, Boring, Cabin John, Dames Quarter, Fairplay, Finksburg, Issue