16 Things That Aren’t Nearly as Cool as Most People Think


A lot of things sound really great, from afar.

The grass is always greener. Right?

But sometimes, that green grass isn’t a good thing.

For instance, what if it’s greener because there’s a nuclear waste dump under the construction site?

These 16 tales from people who got their wish (or somebody else’s) are a lot like that:

#1. Adulting

Being a grown up. When I was a kid all I wanted was to be a grownup. Now I’d do anything to go back! So many responsibilities.

#2. Pizza! Pizza!

When I worked at a pizzeria in the winter back in high school. “Must be nice to be inside with those ovens keeping you warm!”


My nose won’t stop bleeding, and my hands are cracked because of how dry my skin is. I’d KILL to be outside with some humidity.

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

#3. The Real Skinny

Being naturally skinny.

I’ll always be appreciative that I don’t have to worry about becoming unhealthily overweight (for the time being), but I’m super tired of hearing:

“Are you anorexic?”

“You need some meat on your bones”

“I’m so jealous of you.”

Don’t comment on my body type, or anyone else’s for that matter. I know I am skinny, and I wish I could gain some weight without having to inhale a bunch of protein and lift weights.

#4. Endless Holiday

Endless holidays/unemployment. It looks amazing, but if you’re not careful about how you spend the time, it feels wasted, and you end up regretting how you used the days. I think a lot of people probably fall into that trap, and end up being lazy, but too lazy to do what they’d really like to do.

Instead of a cycle holiday through the countryside where they live, it becomes a slothful life on a couch with a newspaper.

Instead of exploring new places, it’s traipsing down familiar alleys and lanes to the same hole in the wall bar, and feeling as if life isn’t quite giving you enough.

Having the time to be lazy has the potential to be good, but a lot of people end up being too lazy to do anything and ruin it.

#5. Top Dog

Owning your own business.

The hours, pressure, and responsibilities can go far beyond the worst job you ever had. Of course it’s great when things are going well, but you can very easily go extended periods where you are not only not making money, but you’re putting money back into it. Your mind never really leaves it either. It’s truly a 24/7 commitment.

#6. Bed Rest

Bed rest during pregnancy. If you’re on bed rest, it means something is WRONG. You’re not lying in bed relaxing, you’re freaking out.

#7. “Must be nice…”

I’m 23 and disabled, I don’t work and people constantly say, “Must be nice,” about me being home every day or me sleeping all day…

I’m disabled I’m not doing this for fun; it’s not nice at all; I would love to be normal and healthy and able to stay awake and work every day.

#8. The Short End

Being small. Like clothes don’t fit correctly a lot of times and pants are ALWAYS too long. And people don’t always take you seriously.

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

#9. Ladies Night

Having men buy you drinks at a bar. And please listen with an open mind.

There is absolute truth to the statement, “There’s no such thing as a free drink.” The best description I’ve heard is something I read here months ago: A drink at a bar is an unwitting game of social Russian roulette of which we don’t know the outcome but are responsible for the consequences.

If we politely decline: We’re cold, and in some situations, this can result in someone intentionally making the rest of the night more difficult. Worst case scenario, the guy feels entitled to follow us and let us know how he feels about it.

If we accept but do not allow physical contact: We’re a cold, manipulative jerk. And with the purchase of the drink, someone feels they have purchased the rights to our boundaries, whether they be physical or emotional. This can also result in the situation described above.

If we accept and do go home with them: We’re a promiscuous jerk, and if the night ends with us being forced into something, the outcome was our fault anyway and, “What did we think was going to happen?”

Don’t get me wrong. There are gentleman out there who will purchase a drink, smile and respect what a woman decides to do with it. Unfortunately, though, women can never be 100% certain if you’re in the group of men who won’t be the gentleman.