These 6 People Prove Breaking Up on Vacation Is the Absolute Worst


Breakups always seem to happen at the worst possible time, right? It’s never easy getting dumped or doing the dumping – but when a ruined vacation is on the line, that makes it a million times worse.

These 6 folks shared their stories on tickld about trips taking a drastic turn for the worse and ending in heartbreak.

1. “He didn’t feel well…”

We had been together for one year, and went away for three weeks to a resort in Hawaii. He kept saying he didn’t feel well—but he seemed fine when he was trekking up mountains?

I began to feel increasingly depressed, so at 2 am one night, I packed my bags. The next morning I told him I wanted to break up, and that I was going to spend the last week on my own. He seemed relieved. But the island was tiny and it was peak season, so I literally could not find a room. I had to wait out the rest of the vacation, sleeping in the same bed as him, until it was time to go.

At the airport, I asked for separate plane seats, and cried all the way home.

2. That’s a long plane ride home

I’d been dating my man about four years. He was Malaysian, and we were headed back there with his family on a 15-day holiday to meet the grandparents. We had been looking forward to the trip for a long time, but on the plane ride over things turned.

His parents explained that my boyfriend had actually been married before. More of an unofficial ‘religious marriage’, but it was considered rude to get divorced, and it would have shamed his ‘wife’. So, if I didn’t mind, could I pretend to be my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend instead? Otherwise, his grandparents would disapprove of my boyfriend dating while still married.

I wanted to get on the next plane back, but I didn’t want to cause a scene. The whole time I pretended everything was fine, and said all the right things.

My boyfriend, meanwhile, had better places to be—he’s an impulsive person, and got a ski contract in Austria just a few days after we arrived. Then, on night 13 of the trip, he called super drunk to say he had just married a girl over there because she didn’t believe in sex before marriage. Suffice to say, we broke up after that call.

3. Thailand

We were 22 and living out a summer romance in Thailand. We’d chosen a typically average beach resort—dodgy aircon, lizards on the walls, mosquito nets with giant holes.

I didn’t think I needed sunscreen outside New Zealand. But this turned out to be a schoolboy error, as I ended up getting a chest infection because of severe sunstroke. She got upset that I was ruining the holiday.

By the last few days we both knew it wasn’t going to work and we ended it with a really awkward goodbye at Suvarnabhumi Airport. On reflection, it probably was because I didn’t like her enough.