33 Times People Dealt With Ultimate Bridezillas


Weddings are just downright stressful events, and usually people recognize this and cut the bride some slack. However, it can be hard to cut the bride slack when they’re taking their demands to the extreme and being downright obnoxious about it.

These 33 AskReddit users know just how terrible a bridezilla can be.

1. Wig out

My friends were getting married, and my girlfriend and I were both in the wedding party. The bride’s mother suggested that my girlfriend get hair extensions to be in the wedding to not “ruin the photos” for her daughter. My girlfriend has very short hair, because she has Grave’s disease. Her hair has become very brittle and started falling out in clumps.

I’m sure it wasn’t intended to be rude, but telling somebody they have to put on a wig because you don’t think they look good enough to be in your daughter’s photos seems pretty terrible to me.

2. Walmart Feast

Got asked to stand up for a wedding during culinary school for a high school friend. She said she didn’t want us to buy presents, but wanted us to help with various wedding things since it was a backyard wedding, like someone help with the flowers, another do favors, table setting, etc. She wanted to know if I could help with dinner. I said sure, and asked her what she wanted help with, figuring it was prep work for someone else to do.

No, she wanted me to handle the whole dinner. As in cooking for 200 people, as a 19 year old having only done a year culinary school. She also wanted me to help pay for the food I’d be making, as their gift. She wanted me to make caesar salad, potatoes au gratin, and roast enough ducks for 200, by myself, and pay for about half of it.

I was learning how to be a pastry chef. I explained and she just stared at me blankly. I told her I could do the cake easily enough, but she insisted she wanted a ‘real’ cake, from a bakery.

I told her there wasn’t any feasible way I could do it, not only because that’s freaking unreasonable, but because I literally wasn’t trained to do it, and I got disinvited from the wedding.

They apparently served bagged salad, boxed potatoes and broasted chicken from walmart.

3. Opt out

It was my wife who was one of the bridesmaids. The couple wanted the entire wedding party to do a group pic in just their lingerie/boxers (except the bride and groom, “of course”) – she noped out of that but apparently the other two girls and the groomsmen went for it – they still did the pic anyhow. Then they wanted the groomsmen and maids to pair up and kiss for a picture – none of them knew each other. Apparently she was the only one who didn’t. Then they basically shamed her for opting out of both of those to the point she was crying and came and found me, so we went home.

4. Go on and dust your shoulders off

The groom asked me to “keep an eye” on his tux for signs of dandruff (he had a bad case of it at the time).

I told him to choose a light-colored tux, but the bride insisted the guys wear black – a color that, of course, showed every particle of dandruff.

So I placed a small brush in my pocket, and every so often would “dust him off” as discreetly as possible throughout the day.

5. Talk about a grudge

My friend decided to get married at a resort in Aspen. We don’t live in Colorado and he wasn’t offering to pay for flight, hotel, tux, etc… for anyone except him and his wife. They were broke 23 year olds just like us. Neither parents had the money either. It was a noon wedding and a 2 hour reception immediately following. That’s it. Everyone fly home. The bride and groom didn’t even stay the night. He got so mad at me when I told him we won’t be able to make it. 5 years later he still doesn’t talk to me.

6. Oh man…

Years ago, I was part of a wedding where the bride was actually fairly reasonable considering:

Her biological father showed up very drunk
The preacher got sick, so a substitute was made at the last minute who didn’t have his stuff together.
There was a storm that knocked out all the power to the church, and it was pouring outside
Her aunt and mother in law were old rivals who fought about some 30 year old thing the entire time
Despite specifying no children, several people brought small kids anyway
Two relatives wore white -with veils- in the audience
The catering company was going to be late due to the storm
Cell reception only worked outside the church in the pouring rain.
But the groom was the one who freaked out. He insisted on a Scottish themed wedding of sorts, but it wasn’t authentic Scottish, more like a fantasy in his head about Braveheart or some such thing. Some of the groomsmen apparently refused to wear “a dress” (tartans) so he threw them out of the wedding only hours before, including his best man. He switched his best man to his soon to be brother-in-law, who had a Mohawk and face piercings and lots of rings on his hands. This 17 yo BIL was pretty stoked but not taking it very seriously, and goofing around with a decorative sword until, inevitably, he accidentally hit the bride in the back of the head. She said she was fine, that she was hit with the flat of the blade.

Even without the power, there was enough light from all of the windows in the small stone church so that you could see everything. And what you couldn’t see was decorated by lit candles. But the groom was incredibly surly through the whole process, especially when it was discovered that the rings were still with the groomsmen who had already left after being thrown out. So the 17-year-old brother-in-law with lots of rings loaned two of them to the bride and groom.

When the ceremony was over they ran down the isles to open the door in the pouring rain, only to find out that the limousine was missing. A few days later, we found out that the groomsmen had actually convinced the limo driver to drive them back to the nearby hotel, and due to a miscommunication, the limo driver thought that was all he had to do for that day. Luckily, somebody had a Buick that could fit the bride’s dress. While waiting to have the Buick cleared out, somebody realized that the back of her wedding dress was stained with a hefty amount of blood.

It turned out that being whacked by the sword and actually cut into the back of her scalp, and like most head wounds, even superficial ones bleed extensively.

Shortly after the bride and groom went back to the hotel, she got patched up, and only the back of the dress was ruined. The photos were from the front. They tried to make light of all of the rain, but it was really apparent that the bride was starting to wear down. Their photos looked terrible. The groom was grimacing, the best man was messing around, and the bride looked tired. In addition, all the added stress was making everybody else fight, the children who were not supposed to be there were are all crying and being bad, and there was no food to be had because the catering was still stuck somewhere because of the storm. The hotel that they were at, which was a small and rather quaint small town hotel, comped them all free food, mostly because their power was out in the kitchen and it would’ve gone bad anyway.

That night, the honeymoon night, the bride and groom had such a big fight with one another that the bride actually packed her stuff, and her maid of honor drove her back to her house where she spent the night there. The next morning, she came back and everyone just kind of blamed it on her head wound.

7. Best wedding ever!

One of the best man’s tasks in the wedding preparation was to place an orange card underneath each person’s assigned seat. each one of these cards had a customized “task” for that person to do. for the old folks it was things like “say hello to three people from the other side of the family” or “dance with one of the younger kids for a song”.

For the rest of us though, hilarity.

My father’s card was to always be the last one to stop clapping after a speech. there were about three other cards with the same instructions.

One of the other groomsman’s was to catch the bouquet (he did).

Another favorite was to take a selfie/photobomb on as many other people’s phones/cameras as possible. In almost every picture from that wedding you can see him in the background wearing the stupidest grin on his face.

My brother’s simply read: “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!”

Here are some more:

“Try and high five everyone you meet. when they go in for it, juke them and say “too slow!”. After about an hour, this guy was running away from a group of angry children who eventually held him down, and repeatedly hi-fived his trapped hand.

“Try and steal as much silverware as you can. you must keep it on you.” (It was heavily implied to not actually steal the silverware, just take it off the tables). Eventually the girl who got this one was carrying around a very heavy and noisy handbag.

“Constantly swap sunglasses. You must wear a pair at all times.” I still have someone else’s pair of knock off ray bands. I treasure them dearly.

“When shaking hands, don’t let go.” There were a few of these as well, and when two of these card bearers met, they ended up just holding hands for about an hour.

And that’s all that I can remember off the top of my head!

I will note that some of these only worked because it was a fairly small gathering, about 150 people all told. most of them were close friends or extended family, so we all got on very well.

It was great fun, 11/10 best wedding ever.

8. Oops

Outdoor wedding with no back up plan on the shores of Lake Michigan. Pouring rain and wind but the happy couple requested no umbrellas because they wanted to be able to see the faces in the crowd.

They were able to see the very wet and angry faces of people whose clothes were ruined while the bride and groom stayed dry under the gazebo.