31 Times Parents Were So Overbearing, We Were Embarrassed for Their Kids


Parents. They’re a necessary evil – at least, until they go so far over the top that it’s just unjustifiable. Check out these 31 stories of parents who went waaaay too far.

If you aren’t a parent yet, take some notes on what NOT to do.

1. The occult? Really?

A girl came to a sleepover I was invited to when I was around 14 or 15. This girl had to call and ask her parents before we could watch ‘Mulan.’

They said no because it “glorified the occult”.

2. They’re called home videos for a reason…

I went to a private Catholic school. The first day of freshman year, one of my classmate’s parents followed him around the entire day with a video camera to document it. The mom followed him around like he was a lab rat. Everyone was either awkward or laughing at him. When the school day was over, the mom made him pose in front of our statue of Christ [so she could take] pictures. The kid was pissed off the entire day but did what he was told.

3. Sign here, please

One of my coworkers wrote up an application to take her daughter to prom and was going to give it to her date [to sign]. It was 5 pages [long].

4. Jealous is right

Growing up my next door neighbors told my parents that they needed to have my brother and I go to bed at 7 o’clock because their kids could see our bedroom lights on after they had to go to bed and it made them jealous.

5. Are you mad, bro?

I’m in my mid-twenties and my mom asked an attractive girl, who I barely knew from high school, if she was mad at me because she didn’t say “Hi” to me at work.

6. Me too….

My sister-in-law wasn’t allowed to watch ‘Harry Potter’ until she was 18 because her parents said it was witchcraft.

7. I mean, if you don’t have to…

I had a friend who didn’t learn how to use a toaster or microwave until she was 14. Her parents literally did everything for her and, to this day, (she’s 17 now) she still doesn’t know how to do her own laundry.

8. Damn straight

My mom did something similar once, but not as bad. I was working full time, and my parents decided [that] they don’t see me enough, so they called my boss and asked her to cut my hours.

It almost cost me my job. My boss was pissed, and I was even more pissed. [I] went home and screamed at my parents for probably 20 minutes or [so].

They never did it [again].

9. Nothing of that nature

We have one television in the dining room of the restaurant I work in. We don’t have any premium channels. Nothing like Showtime or HBO. Well, there was a group of college boys watching a horror movie because they were the first ones to come in and get the remote. A woman comes in with a group of five teenage boys. She demanded that the channel be changed because her boys weren’t allowed to watch anything of that nature.

10. No college for you

My parents called Common App, broke into my account and locked me out because I started to send [out] my college applications without telling them. I had my college advisor’s and principle’s approval and went to boarding school across the country from [them].

11. Don’t kiss and tell

My mom used to “screen” all of my girlfriends. Didn’t stop me from fooling around in the basement though.