31 Tales of the World’s Greatest Dads, Doing Dad Deeds


Leave it to our dads to have some of the funniest and weirdest responses to everyday questions. Unrecognizable blueberries and pot brownies are just a few stories you will see below from these AskReddit users. Take a look!

1. War of the Worlds 2.0

One time my dad took my brother’s walkie talkie and had us and about 10 kids in the neighborhood convinced that we had picked up a signal from a plane that was crashing towards the Earth. We were running up and down the streets for an hour with our eyes on the sky listening as the “pilot” tried to reach someone for help. Dad’s windows were open so we eventually caught on to the heinous laughter echoing between the houses after every mayday.

2. What is a blueberry?

So we were having a family dinner over the summer and my sister had been at a BBQ the day before and the host gave her a big bowl of fruit salad to take home.

We’re sitting there having dinner and my dad is staring at the fruit salad with this weird look on his face and he says “What are these little blue things?” While holding up a blueberry.

We were like “how do you not know what a blueberry is?” Then realized my mom hates blueberries so dude hasn’t seen a blueberry in 45 years and forgot they existed.

3. I question your methods.

One time, when I was about 10, my dad called me into his room. He and my mom were there, completely naked, standing around and laying their clothes down ready to get dressed. They acted like the situation was completely normal and asked me about some random thing.

I eventually blocked this memory out, and thought it to be a dream, but then, 10 years later, they told me that was their way of showing me what a body looked like because I was getting close to “that age”.

4. Well, they shouldn’t

This was a few years back but, my dad really got into my pot brownies. Only way I know this is because I woke up in the middle of the night to him putting baby socks on my dog. His only statement was, “Dog’s shouldn’t have cold feet.”

5. I’m rich!

One time when I was 6, I got my big toenail ripped off, and my dad convinced me to put the toenail under my pillow for The Toenail Fairy.

I got a dollar.

6. Such great lengths

One time my dad saw I was in a really low mood so he walked into my room, grabbed my trash Hatsune Miku wig and my swim goggles, put them both on and followed me around for a solid ten minutes, completely nonchalant, to make me laugh. Imagine, if you will, a large imposing Black man wearing a teal pig-tailed wig and goggles so old they’re turning brown, causally making himself a sandwich.

7. ‘Nice!’

One time my dad came home after I had a party at the house. There were girls dancing together on the pool table, and one of them had Cheeto dust on their fingers. I tried to clean it, but couldn’t get all of it before they got home. He calls me downstairs and asks about the marks on the table, I couldn’t think of a lie so I just told him the truth. He stares for a couple seconds and then says “nice”.

8. Classic Dad

One time, my dad was sitting on the couch in our living room. Mom brought out a bag of sugar and asked him to open it. He opened it like it was a bag of Doritos, and I mean, IT. WAS. EVERYWHERE. He was only wearing his shorts, so there was sugar in just about every square inch of his visible hair as well as all over our couch and carpet. Took him four showers in a row to get it all off.