25 People Recall the Most Pretentious Thing They Ever Heard Someone Say


Pretentious folks are the worst, am I right? Sometimes I just feel sorry for them because they seem so clueless and self-righteous  – but then they open their mouths, and I remember how annoying they can be.

These AskReddit users share the most pretentious things they’ve ever heard in their lives.

1. Genius

“People who have experienced the very best of higher education, like I did, simply operate at a higher level than people who didn’t.”

I’m glad you’re proud of your MIT masters or doctorate or whatever the heck you did, but this is a barbecue and you’re flipping burgers, not accelerating particles.

2. “Too educated”

Overheard a fellow undergrad student say, “I think I’m just too educated to be able to enjoy fiction.”

3. Lifestyle

Daughter of the owner of the company complaining to the regular workers making 9-12/hr about how broke she is. Someone said they’d be good with an 1/8th of her salary.

She made a little speech about how it’s different for her because she has a certain lifestyle she needs to maintain that they wouldn’t understand.

4. Wow

First day at law school, one of the other students asked me: “Wait. Your parents don’t have a university degree…? Do you even think you will be able to pass any of the exams, then?”

5. No they can’t

“Everyone can afford to eat organic”

She said this after having come back from a 4-month trip to Ethiopia where she met and married a millionaire.

No, not everyone can afford to eat organic.

6. I feel her pain

Teaching a student how to do a shoulder roll and she says, “It’s too hard for me to bend my back that way because of all the modeling and acting schools I go to.”

7. Languages

“It’s in Turkish, but I can understand about 10% of Turkish because I know so many other languages.” Said by my coworker who knows exactly two languages.

She also loves to say, “English was my…(pause as if counting in head)..fourth language, I think?”

8. Liar!

“I only read French and Russian literature because they’re the most deep, complex and sophisticated in the world.”

I asked what she’s read and she listed one book by Proust (can’t remember the name) and Lolita by Nabokov. That’s it.

9. So sophisticated…

My first interaction with my new roommate in South Africa went like this:

Me: So, where are you from Steve?

Steve: Nowhere.

Me: Um…… what?

Steve: Well I’ve traveled to so many places that I’m not really “from” anywhere anymore.

Me: Where were you born?

Steve: Ohio

Me: Where did you go to school?

Steve: Ohio

Me: You are from Ohio Steve.

10. A literary master

“It annoys me when people don’t agree with my opinion on books, because I’m an author and I know more about writing than all of you.” – Girl who writes fan fiction on Wattpad.

11. Sounds like a lame trip

“It’s ok we broke up, he was taking me to Paris for my birthday and I don’t even like Paris. You would think if it was a birthday gift it would be somewhere I would WANT to go like somewhere tropical”

Overheard a coworker say this after her boyfriend broke up with and cancelled their Paris trip two days before her birthday.

12. A cut above

A friend was over with her new bf. Another girl at my house cut herself doing something and the new bf looked at it and said, “that cut is so modern.”

13. A game of survival

“Eating food should only be about survival, that’s why I don’t bother putting spices in my cooking, that’s only for pretentious elitists.”

Like dude…seriously?