24 Ridiculously Enormous Displays of Wealth


Ever wonder what it would be like to be filthy rich? Just have money to literally poo poo away? As I do not have loads of money, it makes me a little frustrated that some people are so dumb with theirs. Take a gander at these 24 stories about people with unlimited bank accounts who aren’t afraid to show it.

1. Don’t mind if I do

During college I worked at a place selling very high end patio furniture in the richest DC suburb. One day a Washington Redskin comes in and buys a custom patio furniture set for his deck and pool area, total cost for 10 pieces was over $24,000. He paid cash and I set up delivery for 6 weeks later because the furniture had to be made at the manufacturer. Three weeks later he was cut by the team. I called when the order came in and he said ‘Oh, I’m in the Caribbean now, think I’m selling that house, think I’m going to retire…you like the furniture?’ Me: ‘Yeah.’ Him, ‘You can have it, thanks for being a fan.’ 14 years later and I still have that furniture and the fanciest patio setup in my middle class neighborhood!

2. Strawberries

I work for a wealthy man and he once had me fly on a private jet to the other side of the country to pick up 6 perfect heirloom strawberries that cost 100$ per six pack. They were placed in Chinese silk hand molded box so each strawberry wouldn’t be jostled during the trip.

He ate 3 and gave me the rest for my trouble… My lips parted as I slowly brought the impossibly red berry to my mouth. It’s scent was too powerful for something that small and the aroma filled my head until nothing else remained. Gingerly placing my teeth on the seed covered tip I took the smallest of bites. The explosion of flavor was overpowering and each time my teeth broke the flesh of that perfect berry an impossible amount of juice gushed out. As I sat there slack jawed with juice crippling down my chin my employer looked at me in disgust and said ‘you can go home now.’ Not gunna lie. It was the most amazing strawberry experience I have ever had. They probably cost him 25k all said and done between flights and my wage.

3. A violin, for those who don’t know

One of my dad’s friends from high school is unbelievably rich and a collector. He owns a legitimate Stradivarius. Eventually, he decided he wanted to learn how to actually play it, so he signed up for lessons and brought a Stradivarius with him down to the local music shop to meet his instructor and have his first lesson.

I can only imagine the look on his instructor’s face…

4. It’s broken, so….

My boss was a military liaison in Dubai and told me a story about a guy he became friends with there.

One night they are driving back from a night of debauchery in this guy’s brand new Ferrari and it breaks down. He pulls over to the side of the road gets out and starts walking while calling his people to come get him/bring him another car. He doesn’t mention anything about the broken Ferrari so my boss asks him about it. His response was ‘what about it? It’s broken. I’ll just buy another.’

5. Lifestyles of the rich and the famous

I used to be a nanny to celebrities and high profile New York financial families. Some highlights:

-The CEO and his model wife of a famous athletic wear company paid for an entire wardrobe for me to keep at their home because they didn’t want ‘outside clothes’ contaminating their house or infant. I was to take my street clothes into the bathroom near the entrance, take them off, change into my ‘house’ clothing, and then only change back after I was finished with the baby for the day and was getting ready to leave. They also had a safe of cash that I was to use exclusively for my meals, drinks and take out food, and then leave the receipts in the safe.

-The famous fashion designer who paid for a wardrobe for me to wear in the house that was entirely black and white…….so I would match the home decor. Didn’t matter what brands of clothing, but everything had to be pure black or white, no patterns or other colors. This included accessories, sneakers and socks.

-The family who flew me to Antigua from Manhattan for a long weekend to watch their three kids because the parents wanted to ‘relax.’ They had a private island compound near a famous male celebrity, and the island only was accessible by private plane or private yacht.

-The CEO of a international firm that was married with four children and each child had their own nanny (I was the nanny to the infant), and the couple paid for apartments in Paris and Manhattan for each of us nannies. The family spend 6 months in Paris and 6 months in New York every year.

-The 20-something year old gentleman from a millionaire family who owned a penthouse on Park Avenue, and I was hired to work as his housekeeper after he broke his leg in a skiing accident and needed help with daily upkeep and cleaning. When his clothes needed to be washed or the dishes cleaned, instead of me cleaning them, I was instructed to throw them away and take the credit cards and just buy new ones. I was yelled at because I didn’t spend ENOUGH on the dishes.

-Working birthday parties for young children of the elite, I’ve seen entire hotels, stadiums, professional sports training facilities like equestrian and gymnastics places completely rented for an entire day just for a toddler party.

-A depressing one: Was interviewed for a nanny position for two sweet twin girls about eight years old. The previous nanny interviewed me, and I was puzzled and asked where the parents were. The parents lived in Europe, the twins lived in a mansion in New York. As the nanny I would have access to all bank accounts and credit cards, and basically raise them in the mansion and take them to school, appointments, sports, etc. I would have my own black AmEx (this was around 2004), and my own floor of the home. I would call the parents in Europe if there were any major issues. This is how the girls had been living for years. No idea if they ever saw their parents.

6. 3rd time’s the charm

I had an obscenely wealthy kid in my graduating class. His parents bought him a brand new Range Rover on his 16th birthday and he crashed it into a school bus. They got him a new one and he crashed it road racing. They got him a new one and he got a DUI and finally the police took away his license

7. “Only”

I had a client who bought a $175,000 watch for his 17 year old son as a graduation present. Son didn’t want it so he gave it to his other son who was 10 years old.

A different client went into our store with his mistress to buy his wife a $50,000 bag….mistress wanted one, too. Said no and told her she’s only allowed the $8,000 bag.

8. I hope you got commission off that one

So, this is obscene, but not really in a hugely bad way. Many moons ago I worked at a cable company. This guy calls in because his internet sucks. Sadly, there was about nothing we could do about it as his home was out in the boonies. We could only get him internet through a wireless tower, and those things will have connection hiccups if a butterfly passes by. He asks us how much it’d cost to run a wired line to his house. At first, we assumed he was either:
a) stupid
or b) crazy

Turns out he was serious. We got a contract put together in a few days and he paid for a new line to his place, which let us run connections to a few other houses in the area. I can’t remember if it was a 7 figure or 6 figure deal, but that stuff wasn’t cheap.