24 Confessions So Crazy They Could Only Be Shared Anonymously


10. Best Friend

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 3 years. It’s pretty serious, I suppose. Since the beginning of it, I have been devastatingly attracted to his best friend. In fact, I’ve been attracted to his best friend longer than him. And I haven’t gotten over it.

I know it’s just hormones and lust, but it hurts sometimes to know that I might have made the wrong choice and that can never be changed. Please note that I do love my boyfriend, I really do. I just can’t get over this stupid attraction to his best friend. 🙁

11. Virginity

I lost my virginity to my first girlfriend when I was 19. I didn’t want to have sex yet, but she was 17 and threatened to tell her dad and have me arrested for statutory if I didn’t go along.

I told my next girlfriend, when I was 24, that I was a virgin, and have been pretending that lie ever since.


12. Serial Dater

A little over a year ago I found a site where guys bragged on the dating fortunes using CL. I tried and ever since I have become addicted to posting ads. I have dated close to 55 different woman, almost 1 per week and sometimes, two to three per week. Of the group, I had relationships with about 12, most a one time thing.

13. Toyboy

My mums friend (A milf) comes onto me in a jokey way every time she sees me, grabs and slaps my ass if I’m near or walk past her, makes sexual references about me and her even with others around, and calls me “her toyboy”


14. What? Why?

Sometimes when I’m drunk I pee on the faucet in the bathroom. So when someone else finishes washing their hands and turns the water off, they now have my piss on their hands. I feel bad about it sometimes, but I just can’t help myself.

15. “I want to experience as many as I can”

When I was around 10 years old a friend of mine showed me his mom’s porn. It was a Hustler magazine (pretty hardcore to see first IMO) and it fascinated me. Obviously they focus pretty intently on the vagina in Hustler and it created this weird fascination/addiction in me.

I became fascinated with vaginas and promptly started reading/learning everything I could about them. Down the line this has turned into a full blown obsession with pleasuring women. During sex I no longer care if I even cum as long as they do. I’ve perfected my skills to the point that several women have told me they can’t even masturbate themselves as well as I can for them. The negative part to all of this is that I have become obsessed with sleeping with as many women as possible simply for the fact that all vaginas are different and I want to experience as many as I can. Sadly this has resulted in me stacking up a rather embarassing list of previous lovers that kind of eats me up inside a little. I always wonder if I’m some kind of freak…


16. Sexual Tension

So, this has been going on for a while. My wife has this totally hot friend and she comes over frequently. Usually my wife drinks too much and passes out wherever she sees fit. This leaves me and the friend to our own demise.

There has always been a sexual tension between us. One night when this happened I took the friend upstairs. To fuck her. When I got up there I couldn’t do it, felt too guilty. So I told her she was amazingly pretty and went to bed.

She came over again one night and the usual happened, wife got too drunk and passed out. Sexual tension started building and before I knew it, my finger was in her pussy. It was awesome! It made me feel alive again. I have never even kissed her, but I’ve finger banged her. Totally rad! I don’t know if I would want to make out with her, I don’t want to be with her at all, I just want to satisfy my lust for her I guess.

I would totally do it again if the opportunity presented.

17. Stereotypes

I am a black high school student living in a majority white town in New England. I have lived in this town all my life and I guess you could say I “talk white”, whatever the hell that means. In my school, there is only a few black kids that live in the town. They’re all good kids. All the other black kids that attend my high school get bused in from a large city 15 miles north of us. There is a program that allows inner city kids to attend school in rich suburbs with good school systems. Most of these kids are dumb, loud, obnoxious trouble makers. They accentuate the black stereotypes soooo hard. Most of them are bad kids, but then again, there are a couple that I’m pretty good friends with who were all raised in good, hardworking families. I just hate most of the kids from the inner city because they make me look bad just because they’re the same color as me. It makes me really mad that I get instantly grouped in with them just because we have the same skin color. This has rolled over outside of school too. I just try to avoid black people in general because I always assume that they will be ghetto, loud and rude. Ugh.


18. Sexual Blackmail

Nothing would make me happier than a very attractive member of the opposite sex track me down and blackmail me into having sex with them. And then developing mutual stockholm syndrome feelings for each other.

I read a fucking lot of feminist literature. I am super pro-women’s rights. But still. I want to be desired by someone I find desirable to the point where they are willing to break a lot of societal rules to have me.


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