21 Teachers and Students Share the Most Sarcastic Responses They’ve Ever Heard at School



16. Gas

Our teacher was teaching us about the States of Matter, solid, liquid, and gas.

He was talking about how a solid you can break into littler pieces, but how you can’t do the same to liquids or gases! So I blurt out, “But you can break wind.”

I still talk to that teacher and he says that was the best part of his teaching career. This was in 6th grade.

17. Do you?

My math teacher said: “If you don’t understand, ask me. There are no stupid questions.”

Where a guy in my class quickly responded: “Is that so? Do you cut your toe nails with a chainsaw?”

18. Francais

Not a teacher, but this happened in an upper level French class where you can only speak French. If you speak English, the teacher scolds you in French.

My friend walked in a few minutes late for a quiz, and wasn’t allowed to take it. My friend looked at the teacher and said (in English), “That’s BS.”

The teacher looked back angrily and said (also in English), “What did you just say?”

My friend: “En Français, monsieur.”

He got kicked out of the class.

19. Airhead

One of my classes is fun in that we give each other hard times, but all in good fun and accomplish a lot. A girl starts giggling uncontrollably for no reason, and she’s a bit of an airhead so I asked her if she saw something shiny and if that entertained her.

Another boy jumps in and says, “Yeah Mister, your head”

I’m going bald. I wanted to pretend to be mad but it was just too damn funny.

20. Burn!

I’m a diving coach and I have 4 divers I’m responsible for so I don’t usually get swimmers contact info. We were on our way to a meet and one of the swimmers was not on the bus. I said, “Who has [redacted]’s number?”

No one.

So obviously I got mad. “This is your teammate and not one of you girls has her phone number to text her?” So one of my divers chimed in, “Why don’t you coach?”

I said, “I have 4 divers, I don’t need another 30 high school girls numbers in my phone.”

She replied, “Hahaha, you wish!”

Easily the best burn of my coaching career.

21. Smart Aleck

Tangentially related: Smart-aleck response from teacher on behalf of the student.

Had a student that came back a couple of weeks out of class, counselor let the teachers know that his father had passed and he was having a rough time. I pulled him aside after class one day, told him not to worry about any of the work he missed, “Focus on getting caught up in your other classes, I’ll make things work out here.” (I was his 10th grade English teacher, we had already taken the End of Year Exam, as far as the State was concerned he was done, and that was good enough for me. Kid was straight A’s until his dad passed.)

Cut to a few weeks later, I’m called into the counselor’s office for a meeting with the student’s other teachers. I double check and he’s been doing great in class, and work I’ve assigned has been turned in on time (even though I told him he didn’t have to.) So I have no idea what’s going on. Come to find out his other teachers weren’t as lenient on the make up work as I was. He had gotten behind in all his other classes and had stayed behind, now he was in danger of failing everything but my class, he’d have to repeat the year save for English. Counselor asks me what I did to help the student.

“Oh, well I told him not to worry about anything he missed, and that as far as I was concerned he was already caught up and he could do his best in class going forward.”

One of the other teachers bawked, “I don’t see why we needed Mr. HexedDragon’s input, he just let the kid skip out on work! That’s not helpful!”

I replied, “The kids Dad just died, you really think the last six weeks worth of history matters to him in the slightest?”

The counselor smiled and pointed at me. “I invited Mr. HexedDragon because I knew he would say some things I’m not allowed to say.”

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