18 Yard Signs That Went Above And Beyond


If you live in a city in a city like I do, or a suburb, or any place where other people are nearby, chances are you’ve trained yourself to ignore the homemade signs posted around town. You’ve seen so many notices about yard sales or missing pets that you don’t even see them any more, freeing up your attention for more important things like looking at your phone, or thinking about looking at your phone.

These folks understood this. When it came time to make a sign of their own, they used their creativity to grab people’s attention. And today we honor their efforts.

1. Over it

Photo Credit: Ranker

2. He’s not missing, but they wish he was.

Photo Credit: Someecards

3. Sex sells

Photo Credit: Reddit

Are they trying to offload a used sex swing at their garage sale? Or are they saying that if you visit their garage sale, they’ll get into a sex swing with you? Either way, they sound completely sane.

4. The honest approach

Photo Credit: Ego TV


5. Where there’s smoke…

Photo Credit: Ranker

…there’s a pissed off homeowner with a hose.

6. Poop wars

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Don’t be an enabler.

Photo Credit: World Wide Interweb

8. Lost in translation

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. Honoring a beloved patriarch.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

10. Drama

Photo Credit: Ranker

At least she got the sign printed in a sporty font?