17 Things That People Think “Must Be Nice” That Really Aren’t

Image Credit: Pixabay/CC0


Maybe you think being a flight attendant would be awesome.

Maybe you’ve always hoped you could win the lottery, become a game developer, or just be a funny person in general.

Well, these 17 stories aren’t necessarily about how all of the above can’t be great. They just aren’t all sunshine and daisies, 24/7.

Because, well, nothing is:

#1. Funny

Being a humorous person.

Everyone assumes it’s a great thing and you are loved by everyone. But, instead everybody expects jokes and witty comments from you even when you are not in that mood. They never take your opinion seriously.

#2. “Perks”

Having a job people think is desirable when they actually have no idea.

Example: I was a flight attendant for United for three years.

There are so many misconceptions people have about the life of a flight attendant.

To name a few: It’s not glamorous. It does not pay well. You do not get free tickets to give out to friends or family. You typically don’t have time to do anything besides catch up on sleep, let alone go sightseeing on overnights.

#3. Travel Jobs

Traveling for work. The feeling that your time throughout the week after hours was never really just yours, like you’re always expected to do nothing but work.

#4. Lotto Trouble

Winning the lottery.

It’s a social nightmare.

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

#5. Big Love

Having a big family. Sometimes I could kill for some alone time.

#6. Disability

“Living off disability huh? Must be nice.”

I have a spine/shoulder injury from when I was in the military, it wasn’t treated properly before because my unit thought I was lying: I wake up in physical pain, I spend my entire day in physical pain, and at the end of the day I sometimes spend several hours trying to get some sleep when my entire upper body would rather twitch or spasm than let me get comfortable and just sleep.

Yeah dude, spending every single waking moment in varying degrees of pain and financially just scraping by and eating mostly rice… totally livin’ the life.

#7. Dog-Gone it!

Being a dog groomer.

“Must be nice to play with puppies all day!” Sometimes sure, but most of the time, I need your dog in and out so quickly I don’t really stop, because taking extra time to “play” means I’m making less money, and I basically make enough to pay the bills.

Then there’s the dogs who hate it, who scream bite piss and poop all over everything including me. I have scars from scratches and dogs have broken skin biting me. Then there’s the ancient dogs who are lovely but can’t stand so I’m holding up 100lbs of dog to finish the haircut. And squirmy puppies, constantly terrified of cutting a dog, and seeing the blatant neglect people can be capable of.

Most days: love my job. But, I assure you I work my butt off for my pay, it’s not playing with puppies all day.

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

#8. Gamer Crush

Game Development, every average joe I’ve ever talked about my job says something to the extent of,

“Oh there’s a lot of money in that isn’t there?”

No, no there isn’t, unless you’re a god at your job or a CEO.

#9. Law’d

Being a lawyer.

Even though everyone seems to know that law is a terrifying mess right¬†now, people still assume practicing law is the equivalent of printing money….which it really, really is not.