17 People Reveal When They Knew Their Love Was the Real Deal


Falling in love is just as terrifying as it is exhilarating. But how do you know if what you are feeling is TRUE love? These AskReddit users shared how they knew their relationships were meant to go the distance.

#1. Everybody Poops

“I am reminded that I love him when I come home from a terrible day at the office, and seeing him makes everything terrible seem trivial because I am so happy and at ease to come home to him. Also, we can openly discuss pooping.”

#2. Old Relationships Just Seem Wrong

“When you look into that part of your brain that has ALWAYS had a nagging feeling that every relationship you’ve been in might not be right… and you’re shocked to find there’s nothing there at all. When it seems ridiculous that you actually thought you liked any of those other people you used to have a crush on/date because they’re just so obviously not suited for you in hindsight. When you realize you’re an endless source of entertainment for each other, that you can spend two weeks together 24/7 in close quarters on a trip, and then still spontaneously stay up all night talking the night after you get back. When everything’s easier because you basically think the same way, and the ways in which they think different delight and entertain you.”

#3. Love Their Flaws

“When you can accept their flaws. No one’s perfect, if you’re telling yourself “Wow Cindy is so perfect I love her so much everything she does is right,” you’ve just got a crush. People are flawed, whether they’re selfish, lazy, passive aggressive, whiny, etc. Everyone does things that would annoy you. Loving someone isn’t whitewashing them, it’s loving all the great things and all the shitty things.”

#4. Silly Love Songs

“I’ve heard people say; “when the songs start to make sense”.”

#5. Future

“I knew when I could not think of a future without her in it.”

#6. Putting Their Needs In Front Of Your Own

“I’d like to think you start to love someone when you care about them more than yourself. It’s when you would do anything for them just to make them happy. You could spend everyday with her/him and never want things to change.”

#7. I Love You, But That Doesn’t Mean I Have To Like You Right Now

“When you know you’re happier when she’s with you, even when she’s being a cunt.”

#8. Sharing Food

“When your eating chicken nuggets and instead of offering to split the last one you give them the whole thing”

#9. Time Stands Still

“Here’s the giveaway for me: Time starts behaving weird. Like you’ll be talking and suddenly it’s 3:30 in the morning. And you’ll be absolutely convinced that there’s no way that could be right.”